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KeyTalent- Dedicated to one single mission: servicing mineral resources and related companies in identifying, assessing and recruiting superior management and professional talent.

The Mining Industry - much more than a hole in the ground

The Mining Industry - It is difficult to identify another industry in Australia that can match the mineral resources industry in the complexity, diversity and global scope of career opportunities....

Building the Executive and Professional Team

Cracking the Talent Code - ?? How much can we know about our candidates for executive and senior professional positions?

Interview for Judgment- Tips on improving effectiveness of executive candidate interviewing

The changing global economic environment in which companies develop long-term business strategy

Book Review 1- Jacques Attali: "A Brief History Of the Future". Attali provides an interesting explanation of shifts in the centre of world economic influence during the past 200 years and how the current transition from the US to Chinese dominance might play out. In fact, China may present the exception to Attali's rule. While earlier centres are presented by Attali as resulting from the possession, usually at city or regional level (Silicon Valley) of a superior technological capability, China's rise may be more about population size, globalisation, and the speed of modern technology transfer.